Is Dr. Wissler accepting new patients?

Yes, yes and yes! Please give our office a call at (906 226-9599) for an appointment.

Where is your office located?

Our office is nestled in the pines on the corner of Lincoln St. and Fair Ave. in Marquette, MI. Our address is 1055 West Fair Avenue, across from Marquette Senior High School.

What if I have an after-hours emergency?

Call our office phone at (906) 226-9595. Directions for emergency phone numbers will be available. If you feel your emergency is life-threatening, seek out the emergency department at the local hospital. We try to see all emergencies in our dental office within 24 hours.

Will my insurance cover my presented dental treatment?

Our receptionist has experience with many dental insurance companies. While the actual dental agreement is between you and your carrier, she may be able to estimate coverages. We always recommend you call your particular insurance company to be sure of coverage. We accept nearly all dental insurance and participate with Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue Shield and MetLife.

What should I expect on my first dental appointment?

New patients to Dr. Wissler receive a welcome packet through the mail that includes a medical history form, a few insurance questions and a patient privacy information letter. New patients should contact their previous dentist for current radiographs and bring them in with them, along with any removable appliances they may have.
Because we want you to feel comfortable with us, plan on spending 1.5-2 hours with us at your first appointment. Dr. Wissler will review with you your desires based on needs, review radiographs and health history and, if we can, one of our hygienists will clean your teeth.

What if I have dental anxiety?

We take pride in providing a pleasant and relaxed dental experience. Patients are not rushed in and out of appointments. All procedures are explained before treatment. Dr. Wissler does offer “laughing gas” or nitrous oxide and oxygen for anyone who wishes to use it. Nitrous is a breathable gas that reduces anxiety in the dental chair, but may be eliminated from the body within minutes following treatment.